Day dreaming @ 5am ….

This was the only story of mine that simply stopped for me. All the others kept going and going. Wonderlost worried me that it would simply always be an incomplete story. But not any more! 😁

Got up early (as usual). Body started yelling at me to get up. Stupid birds are tweeting loudly by the window. Frikkin morning people, man. Anyway.

Sat down and started beading. Usually I do one or two then go do something else to give my hands and eyes a break, but this morning I kept going.


Inspiration hit me in the middle of the sixth necklace.

I’m excited. It’s so vivid in my head and growing as I type this. After this post I will be locked in My Room working these new ideas into my high fantasy. The second book of my Wonderlost series has a start. FINALLY!

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