Geranium Festival …

The heat was NOT playing!

I was nervous, setting up by myself and staying the whole time on my own. But, I think I did well! I’m not a big talker and it’s somewhat uncomfortable talking about all the different things I can or like to do with different mediums, but I did it! I gave out a lot of cards and talked myself up so much, more than half my stock was sold by the end of the day.

But it was tedious! That heat really wears you down. I had my water and a couple of fans, but it did work out for me. When it was time to shut down I could barely move. By the time my husband got there to help me close up; I was panting. Sitting and talking was easy-peasy. As soon as I started exerting more energy my body said ‘I quit.’

Dizziness, nausea, feeling as if my body weighed a ton. I was done.

My hubby was great. He quickly got everything packed, bought me something else to drink and practically carried me back to the car. That air conditioning hit and all became good in the world again.

I slept like a log that night.😎

My anniversary…

We are 16 years strong!♥️🎉

Congratulations to my wonderful hubby for sticking with me for 16 years! Been a great partner, a fantastic friend and fun as hell! Has not changed since we met in high-school our relationship has deepened. Especially since that kid’s been around. (Whose birthday is the day after our anniversary!) So there’s no forgetting. Can’t wait to hang out with you Sunday, babe!

My own worst critic …

My table at the Fairburn Juneteenth celebration

I’m still floating from that day. I raked in the dough! It always trips me out how others seem to appreciate my work more than I do! I was floored! They say that an artist’s worst critic is themselves and when I do these festivals it always trips me out how true that is. Most of the pieces that sold were the ones I doubted the most. My son convinced me to include them though. It’s humbling when someone looks at what you think is your worst idea with bright eyes and an obvious grin that tells you they love it. 😍

Despite all that, you would think it would make you judge your work a little less than usual.


Not gonna happen. It’s just the way of a creative mind, I guess.

Wonderlost: Book Two- Reunions

I only stopped because I was hungry.

I’m so proud of myself! It was nonstop typing! This was the best writing session ever! And I really like what I’ve done! I’m hoping that it will be done before the end of summer, but even if it’s not it’ll be done before the end of the year. Book Two of Wonderlost: Reunions

I’m so glad that my creativity is flowing again! I was so afraid this was going to be sitting to the side for much longer than it had been. I simply couldn’t come up with how to continue the story! I deserve a treat. Violet crumble time!

Day dreaming @ 5am ….

This was the only story of mine that simply stopped for me. All the others kept going and going. Wonderlost worried me that it would simply always be an incomplete story. But not any more! 😁

Got up early (as usual). Body started yelling at me to get up. Stupid birds are tweeting loudly by the window. Frikkin morning people, man. Anyway.

Sat down and started beading. Usually I do one or two then go do something else to give my hands and eyes a break, but this morning I kept going.


Inspiration hit me in the middle of the sixth necklace.

I’m excited. It’s so vivid in my head and growing as I type this. After this post I will be locked in My Room working these new ideas into my high fantasy. The second book of my Wonderlost series has a start. FINALLY!

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