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I’m a Multi genre author with a growing selection of books! (On Amazon)

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The Amulet

New! Book 3 is now available on Amazon (ebook and paperback!)

Aloyce’s father left her half an antique amulet the year he died. Her imagination made the loss easier to deal with, until she met Kori. The owner of the other half. Only it seemed that her new boyfriend knew all about their shared amulet. In fact, it had originally belonged to his family.

Kori hadn’t planned to fall for Aloyce, but he did. So when he put the amulet together in order to prove his uncle wrong about it’s supposed ‘magical properties’ he wasn’t ready for the adventure he and Aloyce would be forced on. Spirited away to the future; both Aloyce and Kori must navigate their way through this new reality in order to survive.

Get the Complete the trilogy!

Mostly Human

Honey Cantrell’s life is drastically altered when an extraterrestrial orb accidentally kills her and revives her only to bind her to a sentient ship meant to aid humankind.
Just when she thinks nothing else could possibly get weirder she finds herself embroiled in an illegal experiment, the main prize in a public courting ritual and bait in a revenge plot that has nothing to do with her.

All three books are available on Amazon!


The usual rites of adulthood for Tirin’s twentieth birthday bring about more than her uncommon magykal ability. They reveal a secret that forces a cursed elf to face his nightmares, a prince to face his daemons, and a father to face his past. Will Tirin survive all the revelations?

Book 2 is in the works ….

Signed paperback copies of my books are available on my ETSY page

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